Undone has taken on a challenge to re-create a series of ‘Undone Made’ artisan gradient watch dials, which were popular back in the 1960s in European markets. Taking the ‘100% Undone’ approach, the team will reveal exclusive production footage of the Mystique dials, which involved a meticulous twelve step labor-intensive process, from start to finish.

Our Philosophy: 100% Undone

UNDONE is the world’s leading custom watch label, founded by a team of dedicated watch industry veterans, craftsmen, designers and programmers. Every timepiece is proudly made-to-order within Undone’s facilities. Integrated in-house operations include research and development for products and packaging, components production, assembly, quality control and fulfilment. The team believes this is the only way to democratize custom made products, which proudly reflects the UNDONE way of doing things.


An eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon where celestial bodies align perfectly. Comprised of a radiant Sun bestowing life and vitality and a solemn Moon for social recharge, a perfect balance is achieved. Shine with the strength of a thousand suns - Be mysterious as the dark side of the Moon.

the mystique collection

  • Exclusive packaging box
  • Extra alligator strap to match your suit for formal occasions
¥‎ 39,960
¥‎ 39960