The 100% UNDONE Approach

Every timepiece is proudly made-to-order within Undone’s facilities. Integrated in-house operations include research and development for products and packaging, components production, assembly, quality control and fulfilment. The team believes this is the only way to democratize custom made products, which proudly reflects the UNDONE way of doing things.

Our Philosophy:

Michael Young, our founder, thinks that the definition of luxury in our modern society is twisted. People generally associate it with spending power. He disagrees. All top designer labels were once small, boutique in size. They all start with selling tailor-made bags and cases in small quantities, selling to the elites. That’s where luxury lies, it is all about things being tailor-made, customized to their end user’s preference. Nowadays, those brands are just leveraging their brand name to sell mass produced items while giving it a high price tag. Most consumers missed a very important point of luxury, which is the power and freedom of getting a product made in your way.